Saturday, 17 October 2009

October Rolls on ..

Time is slipping away from me this year, Caleb and Lilly's birthdays loom along with Christmas shortly behind them.

Much has been happening at our place, our house has been having some changes - it has attracted alot of attention from people passing by due to the heights it reached. We were living in the "Jenga" house for a while lol

Our house was slightly wobbly when the kids ran through the house while it was up on the blocks, but I am so much happier when it was rested down on the blocks. We lived in it during the process, I vacated for the day while they were jacking it up though :)

The stairs from the rear of the house, are for now, on the front of the house. There wont be any external stairs, just 1 set of internal. I love my bifold doors at the back, they let in so much fresh air & breeze, will definately be a bonus in summer time!

Right now, there are timber frames up for all the rooms under the house, and Rob is busy getting ready for the ceiling and walls to go in, after the plumber and sparky have been.

LOVE this photo atm, from around Fathers day, got to love the big bit of baby dribble about to hit Rob :)

There has been alot of this going on around here lately, along with some rocking, and going backwards and spinning round in circles ..... We are all waiting for the big event of Crawling to happen, watching in anticipation, you might be able to hear the excited squeals when it happens :)

My Fav photo atm, all my family, and all the big kids are smiling!! rare feat atm, I have one who thinks he cant smile and the other does silly goofy smiles :)

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