Wednesday, 11 November 2009

House/family update.

Our poor old kitchen is getting the chop, and making way for the internal stairs to go in. This kitchen used to look so much better when it had bright yellow cupboards to match the bring green benchtop lol Rob did ask when we bought 2 years ago if i wanted to redo the kitchen, but we decided it would be silly seeing as we were going to expand downstairs anyway - and i wanted the pool in for the kids lol

So this big green patch is where the stair hole will be in a day or so and i am left with less than half a kitchen, for a few weeks lol

This is going to be our Garage/carport slab will be.

Our new family member, miss Penelope Pitt(stopp) lol

and we have another water baby ladies and gents. Micah just LOVES The pool, not sure if it is because he loves being with the big kids or because it is a big bath for him.

Lilly modelling our new front door - we spent alot of time thinking/agonising over it, and i picked the glass out too. looks really nice.

and here are our stairs :) They are old stairs from another building, which rob ran thru a thicknesser - The timber is ironbark, I cant wait for them to go in!

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  1. WOW! How exciting! Is it going to be done by Christmas?

    And how cute is that Micah? Getting so big!