Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Time moves so fast

It amazes me that our Little Micah is now 4.5 months old. Every day he brings us so much love and Joy, not to mention delightful smiles and baby squeals/gurgles/chatter. Even when he wakes in the middle of the night and i think he is a little ratbag, he smiles at me when i pick him up and I love the time i spend with him. Mind you, Rob has been getting up to him lately, and i can hear him chatting away to him, just like I do lol

Just look at his beautiful little mouth and those way cute chubby cheeks, they are so round and atm they are rather rosy red as he is working on his first little tooth.
Got to catch up with the Wyles kiddies on the Holidays when I picked Lilly up from her visit.

I totally LOVE this phot0, Lilly took it, he looks like he is begging, with those big eyes looking at you :)

Micah's first set of big boy jammies :)

Got to love winter, all snuggled down for a sleep :)

Micah has found his hands, loves to hold on to things - if you are holding him, it is your hair or shirt, on Rob it is his chest hairs lol He is so alert and loves looking at everything, loves being outside, everything seems to captivate him. He has rolled over onto his tummy a couple of times, he loves to wriggle about and roll onto his side alot.

Big kids are doing well, Caleb is getting over Whooping Cough, our whole family was housebound until we took a full course of antibiotics, and they made us all sicker! Mitchell is in the top 23% of kids in computer studies, as he did a test earlier in the year and received a credit for it, clever munchkin! Caleb has been busy spending time at school after hours working with the production crew on a play, he is in the tech box doing the lights & his first high school report card was really good, got really wonderful comments from his teachers. Lilly's Patrol came 3rd at Triple S over the school holidays in their camping standards, out of about 800 other scouts, and they came 2nd in the talent show as well.

Life moves too fast, I seem to be saying that alot this year, wish i could slow it all down and just capture it all.

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  1. I don't think Micah could be any cuter if he tried! Fun pictures :).