Thursday, 23 April 2009

I can't believe how quickly time is passing, my days seem to drift away and I get nothing done lol. This baby so loves the water. The other 3 always loved their baths too, I guess it reminds them of where they came from before they entered the world!

It is official, Micah is now smiling!! I popped him in bed with Caleb this morning for a cuddle, and he let of a huge series of smiles while looking at Him and me. It was well after his feed, and he had done loads of burps, so it wasn't wind :) We have been getting a few gurgle chats as well, just little ones, which we all go silly over when he does them of course!

This photo cracks me up! Lilly was changing Micah the other day, and he wouldnt keep his head still to pull the shirt down over his head. He looks like some kind of little flower lol

Micah spent his first night in his cot last week, he looks so tiny in there!

Oh we do have other children as well lol Lilly took a tumble off the Go cart over Easter, and earnt herself some time at the hospital with concussion and some serious bruising.

Day 4
She had bruising under her right eye, down the cheek and right across her top lip where the main impact was. the first night she could barely eat anything as her lip was so huge!

It only took a week for it to all go away, and she is much better now :)

and then there is Mitchell - who came 16th in his cross country yesterday - out of all the yr 3, 4 and 5s. He is in yr 3, so that was pretty impressive for his little legs!


  1. So sweet with the smiles. I'm sure Greta would be grinning for us now if she'd wake up long enough to do it!! She's the sleepiest baby I've ever known, but I'm thankful for it since it allows me to chase the 2 year old! (But she's given us a few smiles here and there so we know there's personality in there!) And when you figure out a way to slow the time down, let me know.

    Sorry to hear about Lilly's bumps and bruises. No fun. Glad she's recovered. She looks all beautiful and grown up with those styling glasses! Love them!

    Congrats to Mitchell!

  2. Kathy, thank you so much for dropping by. It put a smile on my face when I saw your name, its amazing how life seems to take over and we don't get time to visit as much as we use to. Little Micah is just so **beautiful** congratulations to you and your sweet family. The photos on your blog are really something to treasure, he is such a little prince, so many wonderful treasured memories will be made over the next year as he grows from a baby to a toddler. I wish I could turn back time too, but I have learn't to really embrace now, and stop wishing they were small again. Its so hard, they were such precious precious times, but now is also so precious and I don't want to see that slip by. i live for my children as Im sure you do, what a blessing they are.
    Look after yourself sweetie, and keep in touch.
    Steph xo