Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Micah - 1 Month old - Photo Heavy

In our home there has been alot of this going on lately by me ......

Time sure seems to move fast now this little bundle has arrived into our lives. I feel like i spent the last 9 months with time dragging along, waiting for him to arrive in our world. The last 2 months seemed like forever.

And now, time is moving way to quickly, each day that passes, i feel a bit sad that he is growing so quickly.

I am constantly amazed by the love shown by Caleb, Lilly & Mitchell towards him. Not once hint of jealousy as of yet, other than being jealous at how long each other has with Micah lol

Caleb is just the best big brother, he even has changed poopy nappies! Makes my heart melt watching him with Micah, the love and tenderness he shows - he just loves his hugs with our little man.

Lilly is the little mum, she fusses over him more than I do! She loves dressing him, giving him baths, holding him and marveling with me at everything he does. Not to mention wanting to pick him up everytime he squeaks lol

She loves to take photos of him too, here is a series of him *smiling* I am sure it is wind though, as he has to give his first smiles to his Mumma I am sure lol

He loves the bath, and has had a bath with everyone in the family now in the big bath - i think we used the baby bath like 2 times i think! But the little bouncer thing we bought for the bath is great, we use that heaps in the big bath with him.

He has the most amazing eyes, they aren't the usual baby blue, they are really dark. They will probably end up brown like Lilly's but at the moment they look like a steel grey color.

Mitchell doesn't get too much of a look in with Micah, but he does love to talk & sing to him when he can get near him.


  1. What a beautiful family you have! :)

  2. Just gorgeous pictures Kathy! So cute! He is just devine, and how much he has grown. Guess it's been a week or 2 since I've seen him. I need a newborn cuddle I think - LOL!!!

    Ange xx