Friday, 29 May 2009

Micah 2 1/2 Months old

Time moves so fast in our home lately. I t seems to just slip away so quickly. I fee like i don't get much done, other than look after our little man. I am lucky have a great family who all pitch in and help :)

Micah is doing great, he is growing and changing so much all the time. We all adore his gorgeous chubby cheeks. His gurgles are happening all the time now, and his gorgeous smiles melt our hearts. He recognizes us all quickly and he now reacts to all the noises he hears. When he is trying to go to sleep, noises will startle him if they are loud. But once asleep, he will sleep through most noises.

His worst time of day is around 4 - 6pm, when he has had enough of the day, wants a bath and to go to bed. But he struggles with the going to sleep thing and fights a bit, which is normal for most bubs around this time of day so i have heard lol He LOVES the bath!! If he is crying and you go run the water for the bath, he quietens down instantly and he will stay in there for ages, kicking and splashing around. Howls when he has to come out and get changed - we don't like this dressing and undressing business at all lol

Rob makes Micah smile and gurgle by whistling at him, it is so funny to watch, and no one else can do it either. I tried to whistle at him, nope, no smile, he just likes Daddys Whistling! lol

Micah LOVES his musical mobile!! he lays there and chats away to it for ages, it just runs down too quickly for me!

Micah sleeps so well of a night, he usually goes to sleep around 6pm - 7pm and then he will wake anywhere from 1am - 3am. He has a good 2 or 3 naps of a day time, and when he is awake we spend some time outside in the pram while i garden or hang the washing out.

Micah Loves to be on his tummy, and having no nappy on as well lol Every day he has some floor time, and he wriggles about, the legs kicking madly.

My other Children (laughs) Are doing great!

Mitchell is off on a cubscout camp this weekend which he is really looking forward to. Lilly and Caleb are Scout camping this weekend as well with Rob.

Mitchell and Lilly have not long finished doing the yr 3 and 7 tests that have happened Australia wide, and we are all glad they are over!

Lilly is busy preparing some paperwork for Highschool next year, for which class level she might enter into.

Caleb is busy preparing and planning for a one night overnight hike with some scouts, he is doing all the paperwork and planning, for his Explorer level cord - Im nervous, he is excited lol

Rob and I are awaiting on money from the bank to begin our house renovations, which we are all very excited about!! We are jacking up the house and building completely in underneath - all living area, consisting of lounge, dining, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, storage room and an office. Upstairs will be all bedrooms when it is finished. Rob is getting excited, been taking loads of stuff to the dump, clearing away bushes and trees.

In my spare time, I have begun to do a little bit of quilting again, I have an EyeSpy quilt for Mitchell i need to quilt together, so I have begun stippling that. I have also been getting a few digital LOs done for Micah, which I am loving, No mess, no having to put stuff away, and it doesnt take up any room. But life goes along at a nice pace, my days are really enjoyable, I don't even mind all the nappies I have to wash, as we have gone completely cloth - using prefolds (the old fluffy white nappies) as well as some Haute's, which are awesome! They are brilliant and we havent used a disposable nappy since Micah was 2 weeks old! There is something theraputic about hanging nappies on the clothes line for me :)

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  1. What a little cherub Micah is!!! Very handsome!